As a keynote speaker, workshop or group facilitator, and mistress of ceremonies Vionela is committed to creating an experience that leaves the participants aware of the power that is already within them. Centered in this truth, Vionela speaks from an understanding that together we can consciously create wonderful, life-altering moments. Whether it is a large audience (in spiritual, business, organizational, academic environments) or an intimate gathering, an atmosphere of inclusion is established to facilitate an understanding of how each individual impacts the collective experience. No matter the event, each occasion is a touchstone moment for everyone to consciously recognize what we bring to a space, situation or event in life. The Conscious Conversationz created by Vionela are presented as invitations to recognize how we co-create the everyday moments in our lives. The power of your presence matters.

Speaking/Facilitation Engagements:

East Bay Church of Religious Science , July 5, 2018

4130 Telegraph Ave Oakland, CA 94609

East Bay Church of Religious Science , July 4, 2018







East Bay Church of Religious Science, July 8, 2018

Inspirational Living Center of Orange County, July 22, 2018