Personal Counseling

Stop living from “fake news” about yourself.

Overthrow the negative voices in your head.

Stop judging and start living!

Through Conscious Conversationz the focus is on your inherent wholeness, not pathology. At the core of all beliefs, behavior and feelings is the desire to know our wholeness.  Living from a sense of fulfillment is having a successful life. So if you are ready to live from fulfillment, let’s have some Conscious Conversationz. See more detail on the Personal Counseling page.

Business Consulting

Live from your own inspiration and BE your own brand!

With a background in corporate business, coaching and speaking,
I AM passionate about facilitating transformation within the lives of my clients. Through Conscious Conversation we find the touchstone of the success already within you. Details on Business Consulting page.


Conscious Workshops

It’s time to have Conscious Conversationz!

Our workshops challenge your limitations and unleash your true potential. Through Conscious Conversationz you discover your multi-dimensional reality and develop the ability to consciously choose and create your life. See more details of workshops offered on Conscious Workshops page.

Organizational Development Programs

Organize, Educate and Innovate.

Are you passing the millennial test? Frankly, it is what we are not saying that hurts. So, let’s get to the heart of the matter so we can stop reacting and start responding. It’s time to leave behind the outdated thinking that undermines your purpose for being. The outdated practices of “us or them” are literally killing us.

Build a stronger foundation and heal the hurts of the past as you fulfill your mission with programs that get to the heart of the matter. Through Conscious Conversationz Education and Organization Programs institutions are supported to progressively work through the issues of our 21st century reality and innovatively create a strong foundation to support the future, More details on the Organizational Development Programs page.


Transformational Coaching

Consciously Create your paradigm shift.

Choose, Create and Live your vision and mission.



Inherent within every intention and vision there is an opportunity for expansion and transformation.Through Conscious Conversationz individual clients and organizations are empowered to fulfill their dreams and visions through intentional discovery, focus, and vision. Together we have Conscious Conversationz through Transformational Coaching.


Mindfulness Training

 Transform Your Life Through Mindfulness

Learn in-depth techniques, processes, and practices that help you practice mindfulness for personal well-being and professional expansion. Transform your life as you learn to live from awareness, balance, and innovation through mindfulness. More details on the Mindfulness Training page.

Call to Action

Make your appointment for Conscious Conversationz Counseling and/or schedule a group event: call her office at  (310) 955-4341.



 Next Steps…


Stay tuned for speaking engagements, classes, workshops, and retreats. Come be a part of some Conscious Conversationz.