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Inner Conscious Conversationz Meditation CD

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Welcome to what Love has to say about you. Two inspired guided meditations and a beautiful music track for an inner journey home.

When you change your inner conversation, you change your life. “Cultivating a Loving Mind” is a guide for this transformational journey. Each track is an invitation to center into that which is true about you!


“I have been a faithful listener of Cultivating A Loving Mind CD. I have the tracks synced to my phone for convenient access during my daily morning meditations and at night to quiet my mind before bed. Vionela and Faith have beautifully collaborated guided and instrumental tracks to suit any mood. ” – Catherine – MA Health Educator

Author Bio:

Vionela: Having personally facilitated gatherings and led guided meditations for 20 years, Faith Rumer and I have created sacred spaces and collaborated together since 2003. “Cultivating a Loving Mind” was inspired by my love for creating internal peaceful reflections and inspired conscious conversations. Born from the inspiration of years of collaboration, this dynamic and introspective journey is the fulfillment of many shared creative moments.

During the past 20 years Vionela Vaughn-Austin has traveled the world from Egypt to India, from Peru to Cambodia, from South Africa to France studying personal development and spiritual evolution. Following her passion for studying and teaching spiritual development, Vionela has created personal development tools for the integration of spirituality in business and career. As a licensed Holistic Spiritual Practitioner, Metaphysical Minister, and Spiritual Counselor, she provides Life Coaching, Holistic Counseling, spiritual retreats, and workshops. She is a practitioner of the Science of Conscience Awareness and the founder of Conscious Conversationz, an intraspective process for person well-being, the development of emotional and spiritual intelligence and effective communication.

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